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Worship Amber - Tricked Into Experimenting
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Worship Amber - Tricked Into Experimenting

I'm SOOOO glad that you came over, I really didn't think you would show. I mean, I'm sure you don't get asked to hang out very often... probably from a lack of friends (I'm sure you'll say you CHOOSE to not have friends) LOL. But I would imagine you being skeptical that the ONE person to wanna "hang out" with you would be a SUPER HOT girl like me. I mean, what are the odds of that!?!?! Is that why you attempted to look nice lol? I suppose you're just overly excited to find out WHY I brought you here. I know I said that I wanted to "experiment" with someone, and you seemed like the PERFECT person to do that with. I don't think my boyfriend is the experimental type... but once he see's what I do to you, perhaps he will change his mind. I wanna make him jealous! and once he see's what I've done to you, I'm most certain he will wanna join in next time!!! Why is your dick so hard? HAHAHAHA Did you think we were gonna "fool around"? EWW!!! HAHAHA OH MY GOSH. NO! I wanted to experiment with your look. DO IT!! It's gonna be FUN! I promise. Here, put on these panty hose
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