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Brookelynne Briar - Dripping With Strangers Cum
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Brookelynne Briar - Dripping With Strangers Cum

Honey! I'm home! How was your day? I'm so sorry that I'm getting home so late, but I stopped by that new club on the way home from work. You know - that new swingers club. I only intended to go in and have a look around, but B*** - it is so sexy! There were so many hot couples just ready to play with me. I hope you don't mind, but I couldn't help myself! I just had to have a bit of fun. I found one couple where the wife just wanted to watch me fuck her husband in front of her. Then a second couple joined in and the guys took turns pounding my pussy while I ate their wives' out! It was so hot! But don't worry, I brought a special surprise home for you. I made sure that the men came deep inside me, so that I could rush home and show my cum-filled pussy. Do you like it? Seeing my cunt leak with the cum of other men? Why don't you add your load to my collection? I can see how hard you are. Let me climb up on your cock and ride you while telling you all the nasty details about how I fuck those cocks until you blow another massive load in my pussy.Creampie, Cuckold, Dildo Fucking, Dildo Sucking, Dirty Talk$12.99
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