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Emily Valentina - Lobotomized Sex Slave
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Emily Valentina - Lobotomized Sex Slave

You have no idea where you were before this, but you've woken up in a padded cell with me, and you feel very... unnaturally calm. But in spite of the sedatives coursing through your veins, your heart is beating rapidly, and you would Yelp- but it would seem that you are helplessly bound and gagged. Your glamorous cap tor announces that you've been selected to be her new favorite sexual plaything- but, she can't have you running around causing trouble, what with free will and higher brain functions and all, so she's going to do a little operation on your brain to remove these... and you'll be fully functional through the entire thing (though you won't actually feel a thing). You hallucinate wildly as she pokes, prods, and slices, showing you her huge boobs and instructing you to stroke your cock as it all happens, all to make sure that her new favorite toy is fully functioning- in all the ways that matter- finally giving you a countdown to orgasm after she's done operating! You finally fall into darkness, after she announces that you're officially her new favorite possession- forever. NOTE: this is a ROLEPLAY mind control clip and does NOT contain real mesmerism.Published Nov 22, 2020Jerk Off Instruction-JOI, Mind Fuck$22.99
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