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Taboo Mommy

Your step-mommy sits you down with your step-sister for a family meeting - she's noticed how horny you both have been recently, especially with all the used socks she's been finding from you specifically. You both are becoming adults so she lets you and your sister know that if you *want* to have sex, it has to be done in the way of the lord - for impregnation and procreation purposes. On top of that, your family is very particular about who they let into their dynamic, so they prefer to keep things in the family; if you and your sister want to date or fuck, it has to be with each other. Your tiny, big-boobed brunette sister, played by Jessica Starling (, is super eager to get started right away and knows she's ready for a baby. Your mom agrees you both are ready and helps facilitate the first time you both have sex so you do it the right way. Taking you both to the bedroom, your mother starts talking about all the wonderful things that will happen to your sister's body when she becomes pregnant with your seed. She instructs your sister to take off her clothes for you and show you her beautiful curvy body. Your mommy helps your sister take out your big cock, and teaches her how to suck you; your sis is an absolute natural at taking you in her mouth. The two co-blow you before your mom tells you that you're both ready to lose your virginities to each other. Bringing you onto the bed with them in the missionary position, you thrust your cock into your little sister (simulated sex). You need to go slow because she's so tight, but you work your way up with her. It's not long after that your mommy has gotten so horny that she wants your cock too. Your mom pulls aside her panties to let your cock into her womb, and you fuck her harder. Soon you're wanting to cum, so you pull out to get back inside your sister to cream her pussy. With all this baby talk, Mommy starts feeling she wants another baby too, so after you leave a big creampie in your sister, you give it to your mom as well. ;)
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