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Ball Busting Beauties – Mistress Wants to Play. Starring Mistress Ivy Brooks

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Mistress Ivy Brooks is in a playful mood and has something fun planned for her slave… She has chosen a small fraction of her vast collection of high heels and boots to kick her slave’s balls with. After calling her slave into the room, she explains to him that she is going to kick him with each pair of shoes and he will have to describe how they feel while she is busting his balls! Mistress Ivy graciously permits the slave to help put on the first pair but unfortunately he is too slow and she simply does it herself while humiliating him for his incompetency. The slave gets pummeled in the balls over and over again from vicious kicks that continuously send him to the ground in desperate pain, despite the fact that he has a rock hard erection the entire time he is being brutalized by his beautiful Mistress. When Mistress Ivy has had her fun and busted his balls with the final pair, she allows him to worship her perfect feet!
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