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Princess Nikki Cruel – Whipping just for fun
Princess Nikki Cruel – Whipping just for fun

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Princess Nikki Cruel – Whipping just for fun

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Zazie Skymm came for a visit today. She is not really familiar with slaves, and even more the possibilities this gives the beautiful Princesses like us. My slave is here, so I wanted to show her how much fun it can be with a slave. How much pain you can inflict, and they have no escape!
Zazie was rather excited by this thought. I started whipping with a belt, before Zazie dared to try. But Zazie got the hang of this very fast. So we just kept going and going, whipping the slave to the floor several times! But we did not care, I ordered him to get back in position. We just kept going until it stopped being fun for us.
Category: WHIPPING
Keywords: femdom
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