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Princess Miki - THE CULT OF MIKI
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Princess Miki - THE CULT OF MIKI

THE CULT OF MIKIBy Princess Miki AokiWhat do I mean when I say that this is a cult? What are My intentions? Do I really mean it?Regardless of the answers, I know you’re turned on. The idea of Me being a manipulative, charismatic cult leader is a wildly erotic thought. Well, I’ll permit you to stroke, but not because I’m being generous.You could say I utilize a number of cult tactics to indoctrinate the masses. Whether you want to believe these work or not is completely irrelevant… because it does work.You might think you’re not listening to Me blabbering on and on about cult indoctrination, distracted by the pleasure of masturbating to Me, but it’s simply not true. There’s a part of your brain that is highly absorbent and thirsty for My conditioning, even when you’re sexually overstimulated — no, ESPECIALLY when you’re sexually overstimulated.It’s always working in the background, even when you’re actively resisting.Now, it’s time for you to surrender to the reality that you are a cult member. Surrender to Who you belong to. Surrender to the reality of your identity, or lack thereof.And I’ll tell you how this is all good for you.
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