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DomNation – A CYBILLIZED CANING! Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – A CYBILLIZED CANING! Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

Mistress Cybill Troy is undoubtedly a sadist, she will tell you straight up that she loves to cause pain and loves taking in the reactions of her carnage. She can be cold hearted and is menacing when clad in her beautiful black leathers as her slaves cower in her presence .She need not fancy implements to cause severe pain and is perfectly happy with a nice (not so nice) rattan cane.. Especially when she has two slaves to destroy, as witnessed in this video..
One slave helplessly bound to a steel web of agony, the other on a rigid steel punishment bench. She wreaks havoc on their bodies, leaves welts bruises and open sores, her strikes land viciously hard with her full body weight behind them as the flesh in her path is destroyed, yet she demands that they be still, grabs their balls and forces them to be still and take the pain that she wills upon them with the promise that it could be so much worse and will be if they don’t submit to her cruelty!!
Category: CANING
Keywords: female domination, dominatrix, femdom, slave training, corporal punishment, extreme domination, sadism, caning, masochism, bdsm, mistress cybill troy, bondage, ass beatings, beatdowns, whipping
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