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THE MEAN GIRLS – Anything For Money Starring Princess Cindi and Princess Carmela

Alternate video formats available by searching title To get this clip for less money click here Anything For Money (1080 HD) This weirdo was starving and we thought it would be funny if we degraded him and made him beg for $20 haha! Princess Cindi made it rain on this loser as I made him ruin his asshole with the largest size butt plug we had! I guess if your only food money come from begging the hottest mean girls on earth to humiliate you on video then you have reached the bottom. Princess Cindi said she has never met a more pathetic human being, haha! Oh then she said Don’t stop fucking yourself, twinkle toes! LOL. -Princess Carmela
Category: BUTT PLUG
Keywords: princess cindi, princess carmela
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