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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Broken Shoe Licker
GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Broken Shoe Licker

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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Broken Shoe Licker

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Broken Shoe Licker

Before My Recent trip to Amsterdam I ordered My Shoe slave to meet Me in Brussels. It had been a few months since he has had the pleasure of tasting and smelling My shoes and feet.
I wanted to reinforce his complete obedience before making the journey to Amsterdam where he is to work in the windows of the red light district as My little whore, sucking cock and getting his ass fucked for cash, My cash. I wanted to crush his spirit, I manhandle this little bitch, slap him and whip him, force him to inhale my pussy, to get the scent of his pimp.
I love pimping out slaves to men, there is nothing dirtier and more humiliating than making a slave suck another mans cock, in this case he does exactly as he is told or he will never get to taste my feet and shoes again. Such is the power I hold over this little bitch, serves him right for being addicted to My feet and shoes.
I Love just having this little slave at my feet, so broken and obedient, craving My shoes, desperate to lick My gorgeous Louboutin heels. This is the evening before we set off for Amsterdam and I really want to hammer home My slaves submission, so that he works hard in Amsterdam out of fear and a longing to serve his owner. I love whipping this slave, I have beaten him so fiercely over the years, you can see what fear a couple of strikes causes to this slave as he grovels lower and lower at my shoes, truly broken and helpless.
Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?
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