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Torture Time – My Best Friend’s Step-bro Helps Me GetOff To My Feet [Foot Teasing]
Torture Time – My Best Friend’s Step-bro Helps Me GetOff To My Feet [Foot Teasing]

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Torture Time – My Best Friend’s Step-bro Helps Me GetOff To My Feet [Foot Teasing]

Torture Time – My Best Friend’s Step-bro Helps Me GetOff To My Feet [Foot Teasing]

Fluffy secretly has a crush on his stepsis’s best friend Kitty Carrera and his step-sis has decided to let Kitty know about Fluffy’s feelings before leaving him home alone with Kitty.
Now that they are alone, Kitty decides to take full advantage of the situation and make use of Fluffy’s crush in order to help her get off.
Kitty approaches Fluffy and asks if he would be willing to help by worshipping her perfect feet covered in her semi-sheer tights that only shows the faint red color of her toenails as well as the shapes and curvatures of each of her toes, especially when light is able to get in from the tiny space between her toes. Fluffy briefly hesitates until Kitty begins teasing Fluffy by finding the one place on his pants that is torn and begins rubbing her soft toes over the tear while also using her look of innocence and her adorably sexy outfit to further seduce him into finally agreeing.
Kitty instructs Fluffy to get on his knees, but still nervous, he slowly makes his way there. Immediately after Fluffy gets to his knees, Kitty begins instructing Fluffy to begin worshipping her perfect feet but will not allow him to worship her bare feet today. Kitty has Fluffy begin by worshipping each foot, which turns Kitty on so much that she pulls her Hitachi out from hiding, immediately turning it on and placing it between her legs. As soon as Kitty begins to masturbate, she begins alternating between having Fluffy worship her feet and having him suck on her toes, occasionally making him gag on her foot as she would shove it deep down his throat, sometimes she would even try and fit both feet down his throat. During all of this, Kitty never takes the Hitachi from between her legs no matter what as she continues having orgasm after orgasm all while Fluffy continued with her feet. Every now and again, Kitty decided to spread her legs wide open giving Fluffy a front and center view of her pleasuring herself as he continued with her perfect feet.
Once Kitty is done pleasuring herself, she sends Fluffy away and begins thinking of a cruel new way of teasing Fluffy for the next time. Stay tuned for the results, which are coming soon!
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