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Marceline Leigh - Sex Slave For Your Futa Girlfriend Full Version
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Marceline Leigh - Sex Slave For Your Futa Girlfriend Full Version

Your futa girlfriend is constantly horny and you are at her beck and call. Whenever she wants release, you give it to her. Whether it be with your mouth or your tight asshole, all you want is for her to use your holes as her own personal fuck toys. You constantly crave her thick, hard cock. Meanwhile, your own cock is locked away in chastity. You are only allowed release by your own hand when you have permission from your girlfriend. And you only get permission once you have proven yourself to be a good, obedient sex slave to her. This video walks you through half a week as your futa girlfriend’s personal sex slave. Wednesday: She gets home from work, stressed out and immediately demanding release. However, as much as she wants her dick sucked, she knows how much of a treat sucking her dick is to you. She makes you get down on your knees and beg for it before you are allowed to wrap your lips around her cock. You beg her for it, beg her for the privilege to orally worship her divine cock. And she allows it. You take all of her cock in your mouth and down your throat until she cums deep down your throat, making you swallow each and every drop. The entire time your own cock is aching for release, but she doesn’t allow it. Your dick remains locked away inside of it’s chastity cage. Thursday: Your girlfriend wakes you up, telling you that she needs to cum before she goes to bed. Her hard dick is sticking out of her panties and it instantly turns you on. She makes you pull down your own frilly panties and pull out the butt plug she has been making you wear. As you flip over onto your stomach she makes you beg once again for the privilege of having your asshole filled up with her thick cock. It feels amazing to have her dick stretch out your hole. Your savor all of the anal pleasure you are receiving, because that is the only pleasure you will be getting tonight. Your dick still remains locked away. When your girlfriend cums, she cums deep inside of your asshole. She then plugs you back up, making you go to bed with her cum plugged up deep within you. Friday: After returning home from a party, your girlfriend decides that since you have been so good and obedient this past week she will finally allow you to cum tonight. Before you are allowed to cum, though, she has to cum first. Your cock is finally freed from it’s chastity cage as you get down on your knees, begging her once again for the privilege of taking her cock in. You take it into your mouth, making it as hard as possible before taking it into your ass. As you lay on your back, with your legs spread, your are finally allowed to start slowly jerking your cock. When you girlfriend cums, she pulls out and sprays her load all over your face. As her cum slowly drips down your face onto your chest, she then allows you to cum, adding your own salty load to her own. **this was a custom video, no names were used**
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