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Asian Cruelty – AT THE END OF MY WHIP Starring Syren Hikaru

With my slave naked, hooded and bound to my bondage table, he is indeed at the mercy of my sadistic whims. Today, I am in a whipping sort of mood, as I need to feel my power unleashed upon my helpless minion in the most severe and agonizing of ways. For starters, a long, 5 foot leather bullwhip will do rather nicely. My dreaded whip whizzes through the heavy air of my dungeon and cracks like a thunder bolt, causing my pet to tremble with fear. When the first strike makes contact with his flesh, his body convulses uncontrollably, followed by the most delicious sounding screams. And that was just the first strike. And then a second, and a third, and fifty more leaving a sea of cuts, welts and bruises across his back. Next, a short, kangaroo leather quirt. Dont be fooled by the length of this whip. It is not for the faint of heart, but rather a severe and excruciating instrument of pain, expressly designed to take even the strongest willed slaves to their knees sobbing in a matter of seconds. Strike after painful strike, I lash out at my restrained slave until my sadistic appetite has been nourished.
Features: Extreme Domination, Whipping, Tied Down, Latex, FemDom, Asian, BDSM, Female Domination.
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Keywords: Latex, Domination, Syren Hikaru, FemDom, Extreme Domination, Female Domination, ASian, Mistress, Tits, Goddess, Whipping, Latex
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