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Princess Miki - Chastity for Tiny Dicks = Mercy
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Princess Miki - Chastity for Tiny Dicks = Mercy

How big is your dick, in inches? Actually, don’t answer that. I don’t need to know. If you’re here watching an SPH clip, then clearly “too small” is the only answer that matters.Your presence tells the whole story: you pinch that little dicklet, night after night, getting off to My sweet, sweet verbal humiliation.And I’m glad you’re here right now. I want to have a little talk with you about My new gameplan involving that genetic disaster that dangles in between your legs.You see, I don’t think being an SPH porn addict is enough for you. You need to make up for your sexual uselessness.Yes, I want to lock that little cock up. But not as punishment. It’s mercy… and an opportunity. It’s mercy, because I could suggest doing something as extreme as getting rid of it all together.Prohibiting you from touching it will turn you into a weak, horny, and most importantly, OBEDIENT mess. You will be desperate to make yourself useful, and it’s your one shot at truly pleasing a Woman, since your dick has made it impossible for you, until now.
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