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Goddess Madam Violet - I Am Your Sex Life
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Goddess Madam Violet - I Am Your Sex Life

It doesn’t matter how much you try to deny it or hide from it, fucking your hand is your sex life; *I* am your sex life. Get naked, get on the floor take out your cock and fuck your hand. Worship My big tits, My perfect ass, My long legs. Listen as I soothe your mind, watch as I excite your cock…there is no shame in being a loser pervert with a penchant for stroking, especially when it’s ME you’re dripping to. I’m a Goddess, I’m pure feminine power and I’m incredibly addictive.Cum on me: Goddess Valora - Deny Her. Jerk For MeWith ME as your sex life there is no pressure, there are no obligations or expectations, just KNEEL shut up STROKE and obey. Simple, rewarding, highly erotic. Fucking your hand for ME will always be better than sex because cannot get it wrong. Stroke fast, stroke slow…do exactly as I say. It’s so right that you give up and give in…accept you life as My hand-fucking no-sex slave.My Goddess: Goddess Amanda - 30 Minutes of PainTell Me how grateful you are, how undeserving you are of My magnificence, FUCK that hand for Me, grind into it, fuck it good and hard and slow ….yes goood boy. The best sex you will ever have, better than any vanilla pussy. I make you cum and I make you clean it all up, every last drop. And of course you OBEY, it’s just what you do, so grateful, so horny, so desperate to please. THANK Me again for giving you the BEST sex of your life. I am the BEST sex you will ever, NEVER have!
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