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Stella Liberty, Star Nine - Toxic Nylons
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Stella Liberty, Star Nine - Toxic Nylons

You have so many needs for our nylons and to be honest it has gotten rather annoying. Star Nine and I have finally given in and let you suck on some of our old pantyhose just to shut you the fuck up. We shoved both pairs of hose in your mouth earlier and there you are on the floor sucking and chewing on them as best you can. Thing is, you notice that feeling of being flushed? That tingling in your extremities and the growing numbness in your dick? Well, we laced those delish hose with a neurotoxin before shoving them in your mouth. Yep, its time we did you in for being so fucking annoying and useless. Nite nite little pantyhose piggy. How lucky the last image burned onto your retina is of us two beauties taunting and teasing you with our hot nylon legs and tight bodies. Totally worth it.
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