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Goddess Mya - Your Life Is Meant To Serve
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Goddess Mya - Your Life Is Meant To Serve

You must inhale the funk from my shoes, socks, and feet. You are massaging my feet and you will be doing this for a long time because I am loving it so you better rub thoroughly and stay in cramping and pain or else! You will clean my skin and stuff from my feet with your teeth and clean my toe jam out.Then you clean my sweaty socks in your mouth because it amuses me and makes me happy. Among all of this I will mention how I am planning on quitting my job altogether, so that I can just hang out with my friends and have fun all day- and you will just have to work as hard as possible so that I can enjoy life, buy whatever I want, and never have to work again. But its ok though because when you get home you will be able to unwind by cooking me dinner every night and rub my feet for a few hours while I eat and after every night as I will probably need my kinks worked out after all my shopping and working out.
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