Goddess Zenova - MEDUSA
Goddess Zenova - MEDUSA

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Goddess Zenova - MEDUSA

I know you think you have come to me purely by coincidence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I led you here, here to Me. I feel a need in you that I want to fill.I can feel how excited you are getting already, I feel your lust building and I can make it grow. I must warn you I have all of medusa’s powers so you must not look directly into my eyes or you will turn to stone. Don’t be afraid just stare so DEEP at my sexy cleavage, your gaze will be transfixed on them as they are so big and sexy. They have so much power over you. I know you can feel that power right now can’t you? I know you can and it feels sooo good.Theres no reason to be afraid or nervous. I will give you only pleasure, blissful pleasure. Just remember not to look into my eyes, keep your gaze fixed on my big breasts, my cleavage and my magical pendent hanging between them. Now focus all of your attention on them, the more you watch the emptier your mind becomes.
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