Wannabe Toilet
Wannabe Toilet

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Wannabe Toilet

Do you know how many times I am told someone wants to be my toilet? It happens all the time. You filthy, little sluts, you want me to sit on your face, hover above you, urinate and dedicate all over your face and in your mouth. Don’t you?On one hand that does appeal to me, feeding you my feces, but honestly, do you think you’re worthy of being that close to my goddess pussy and divine asshole? You want to be my toilet paper? Really? You think I’m going to let you use your tongue on my cunt? That will never happen. Oh I will make fun of you for it though. Being a toilet slave wannabe is just about the lowest rung on an already low totem pole. It delights me to laugh at you. But no, you don’t deserve to eat my shit. That’s how little I think of you. Now, buy this clip and watch me humiliate and mock you in a tight, low cut dress while sitting on the toilet.. with the seat down. Haha; you’re such a little bitch, you wannabe toilet.Format:
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