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Mistress T - Tease Fuck
Mistress T - Tease Fuck

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Mistress T - Tease Fuck

You know your itty bitty dick is completely useless. I mean you can use it to jerk off, but when it comes to the pleasure of a woman, the thing is beyond useless. There’s no point in having a dick if you can’t fuck. That’s what it’s for after all, right? It’s sad and pathetic and you can’t use it to its full potential. So instead you get to jerk off, and that’s all you get. You know that a dick that small can’t please a woman, that thing could never please any woman. The only person you can please with that little dick is yourself. And that’s pathetic. I mean what else can you do with something that’s less than six inches? You can wank it, you can jerk that little pecker off. Is that what you want to do? It’s all you can do. Because you don’t get to fuck, you’ll never feel my pussy, or any pussy. You’re just a sad pathetic man, with a sad, pathetic cock. Completely useless in every way. But I can make fun of you and tell you to jerk that little dick of yours. And you’ll do it, and you’ll love it. You’ll do anything I say. I have so much power over men with little cocks.That little dick of yours is so horny, and so completely unfuckable. It’s funny how it’s so small yet it controls you so much. Your dick is so tiny, it’s ridiculously disproportionate to your body. It’s too thin, too short, it would fall out of any woman’s pussy if you tried to fuck her. You probably know this already, I’m sure you’ve tried, lol. So you’re stuck tugging on your little worm, and you are tugging it right now, to my words, because you know they’re the truth. And that turns you on so much. Your dick won’t please anyone except yourself. So why don’t you make yourself feel better by jerking that dick off. You’re just a little dick bitch. Your life is going to be spent watching these humiliation clips, jerking yourself stupid. Fucking isn’t your life. You’ll always be a little dick loser with no sex life, forever. I want you to think about that as you spurt your load. Cum from your tiny cock, cum for me as I continue to make fun of you.
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