Ceara Lynch - Brother
Ceara Lynch - Brother

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Ceara Lynch - Brother

You've always had a hard time saying "no" to your sister. Boy you wish you would have said it today when she asked to see your dick. She has a teasing way of bulling you that gets you every time. You reluctantly pull it out and she immediately burst out laughing. She says its for your own good that you hear her opinion because most girls wouldn't be so honest. You can't help but get rock hard as she rips you to shreds. Now you're not only suffering the humiliation of exposing yourself to your sister, but you have to endure the shame of getting aroused by it too. Sis decides to take it one step further and give you a new fetish; she shoves her toes in your mouth and forces you to suck them until you cum. What have you done? Now your fucked for life.
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