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Kendra Kennedy - I Don
Kendra Kennedy - I Don

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Kendra Kennedy - I Don

You've come into my office today to fire me. Your wife has been complaining of my work attire, missing messages, dropped phone calls and mostly flirting with YOU, her husband. She thought she'd really be sticking it to me by having you fire me. haha... But we both know that sending you in here was a BIG mistake. I will not only manipulate and seduce my way into staying with this company but I will also be moving up in it. All with YOUR help. How do you think your wife will feel being fired by her own husband? HeHe… Lets find out!#Big Tits, #Cock Tease, #Female Domination, #Goddess Worship, #Jerk Off Encouragement, #Mesmerize, #Mindwash, #Naughty Secretary, #Nipple Play, #Role Play,
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